Q&A: What Muscle Growth Supplements Really Work?

by RippedMuscleX on February 4, 2012

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by jp_ns

Problem by sal_mark2007: What muscle growth supplements truly operate?
I like to try out doing work out and develop some muscles and a 6 pack,there are numerous muscle development suplements,but I dont know which 1 genuinely operate? does anybody know about “Sterodrol“?? it sais in their website that you will acquire up to thirty lbs of muscle mass in thirty days. I know steroids are illegal,I am looking for a thing similar to them but legal with less side results. Could you please support me uncover what I am looking for?
Thank you so much.

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Solution by Ricky
I do not think it is healthy to obtain that significantly muscle in that brief of a time period of time simply because probably you could wind up dropping it even faster. Attempt using protein and creatine http://glycocarn.com/ has actually fantastic dietary supplements and ideas for finding into form.

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Jack December 19, 2011 at 11:46 pm

Seriously not a good idea to use Steredrol, not unless you REALLY know what your doing. I would advise you try Xtreme NO. I had really good results with it when my personal trainer put me on a four week trial of it. My size and strength both shot up! check the link below for the before and after pics.


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